📚EvoVerses: An unforgettable night — Story #4

4 min readSep 4, 2022

The digital alarm clock read 2:34 in the morning, dimly illuminating the room with its bluish light. Luka is having a hard time falling asleep, and no matter how much he tosses and turns in bed, he cannot find a comfortable position.

“Next time, I’ll take my pillow,” he thinks. “I don’t care if my peers look at me weird. I never get a good night’s sleep in these hotels, no matter how luxurious they are.”

The boy sighs as he pulls back the sheets that cover him and sits on the edge of the bed. Taking a quick look around the shadowy room, his eyes linger on a disk-shaped device resting on the nightstand. “Wherever you are resting, Tytan, I envy you.”

Luka lazily gets out of bed and picks up his cell phone, plugged into the electric current next to the Evocell. After unlocking the screen, he looks for the messaging app and enters his most recent chat. Although the contact doesn’t appear to be online, Luka types the following:

Bro, are you awake?

After a few seconds, the screen returns a message:

Neither of us should be.

Luka smiles broadly as he reads the response, to which he quickly replies:

Of course not. I’ll meet you at the front desk in ten minutes.

Another message enters Luka’s phone:

My sister says you’re a terrible influence, and I’m starting to think she’s right.

Luka smirks and turns off the screen. He manages to find his clothes and get dressed, avoiding the unpacked suitcases that block the corridor. Before walking out the door, he hesitates for a few moments, but decides to take the Evocell with him.

The hotel corridors are hushed, and he doesn’t cross paths with anyone when he leaves his room. The lobby, however, is a bit more crowded, although Luka doesn’t recognize any of the people wandering around. After giving the receptionist a friendly smile, he leans against one of the two columns at the entrance of the building as he waits for his friend.

After a few minutes, Luka feels someone tap on his shoulder. He finds a sleepy-looking boy staring back at him when he turns around. He’s wearing a black cap with the word “Hyperion” embroidered in red.

“We have a press conference at 8 in the morning, man. The dark circles under our eyes will be worse than a Moffunap’s.”

“Hikaru, with or without dark circles, people adore you. Get used to the idea.”

Luka manages to make his colleague laugh, who shakes his head.

“When they see me like this they’ll stop adoring me, and my sister will become the favorite between us.”

“And shouldn’t you be used to that by now?”

Hikaru smiles and gently taps Luka on the shoulder.


When the two young men leave the hotel, a cold drizzle welcomes them outside. Luka pulls the hood of his raincoat over his head, and Hikaru mimics him. Despite the ungodly hour, the city is more alive than ever, with its shimmering lights and crowded streets.

After passing through the grand boulevard the boys cross the highway. Then, they cut onto a smaller road, stopping in front of a building. The wet ground reflects the neon lights of the signboard, which reads in blue and orange letters: The Evoasis arcade.

The entrance is underground, so they carefully descend the stairs to get inside. The person guarding the entrance asks them for special access which they show him. The security staff nods and smiles at both of them, stepping aside.


The place is packed with arcade machines, but the Evo combat simulation machines are the most popular ones. In them, battles take place in virtual spaces at the will of Evonatics.

Luka and Hikaru go to one of the machines and insert their Evocells into the necessary slot. A small screen appears before them, displaying different scenarios to play on.

“Where do you want the match to take place?” Luka looks at his partner, who considers his options for a few moments. Then, finally, he seems to decide on one.

“In the desert.”

Luka laughs out loud.

“It’s going to be a long night.”

A small crowd begins to gather around the cabin as the game starts. Despite having quietly entered the place, Luka and Hikaru can’t help but be immediately recognized by the Evonatics.

“That’s the leader of Vortex, Luka!

“And that’s one of Hyperion’s leaders, Hikaru, battling right here live!”

The two masters are immersed in their own virtual world, oblivious to the screaming fans who will never forget this night.

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