Update: Since we are worried about generating huge market fluctuations when swapping 1USDC to ONE and since we want to show our commitment to Harmony Ecosystem, the token used to purchase EVO tokens in the launchpad will be ONE.

Do you want to read this article in Japanese? Check the official translation here: https://evoverses.medium.com/9b81be70d5ab?source=friends_link&sk=0909228363854c52e44805572ca0b189

Finally, we are here. We are close to our launch, and we can give more details about how, when, and where we will launch; yay!

By the way, for those who don’t know us, we are a 3D Pokemon-like P&E (Play-and-Earn) game currently launching on Harmony ONE.

Say hello to Carcoid, one of our Evos, in a game scene!

🚀 When will the sale happen?

Currently, the sale is expected to open on Friday, April 15 at 12 am UTC, and will run for 48hrs. You can check the time in your timezone in this table. The sale will run here: https://launch.unitefinance.io/

How many tokens are available for sale?

We will have two pools available on the Unite Finance launchpad:

  • Pool #1 (the public pool) will have 25.2M EVO at cost per $EVO = $0.023810USD (traded in $ONE).
  • Pool #2, will have 4.8M EVO at $0.020833USD (traded also in $ONE).

What is the difference between the two pools?

To thank Unite Finance for their help on the launch, we have allocated a small portion of the sale tokens for a private pool. That is pool #2.

Well, it is not private since anyone can join. But it is a pool with discounted tokens, that’s all.

How can I join pool #2?

The top percentile of $USHARE and $UBOND holders will be able to join. Anyone else will be able to participate by purchasing a ticket (UNITE Ticket).

That ticket will be purchasable with 250 $UNITE (around $25 at the time of writing this article), and all the $UNITE raised will be burned.

The ticket sale will start Monday, April 11 at 8 am EDT, and it will be open for 72 hours, and once we have the link to the page for purchasing tickets, we will update this article!

So, do I need to have some UNITE tokens to participate?

No, you don’t. However, you can always join pool #1, which has most of the tokens allocation and is public, without requirements.

You only need UNITE token if you want to buy a ticket to join pool #2.

Can I participate in both pools?

Yes, for sure!

When will I be able to swap it? And where?

Once the public sale ends (48 hours later), we will swap almost the entire raised tokens to $ONE, creating a $EVO-$ONE liquidity pair on FoxSwap.

At that moment, you will be able to start trading with it.

Also, at that moment, you will be able to start staking in our website for even better profits.

Staking? Farms?

A section of our gamified staking website

Yes! The real token utility will be once we start launching parts of the game (like the Evos launch in a few weeks or the PvP launch in June), you will be able to begin earning excellent rewards by providing liquidity between EVO and ONE on FoxSwap and staking those liquidity pairs on our website.

We will post a detailed guide about how to do it in a few days, but in the meanwhile, you can check the rewards table you will have here: https://docs.evoverses.com/defi/decentralized-exchange/the-investor#issuance-schedule

What is the utility of $EVO?

It has lots! Like breeding, evolving, leveling up, trading, buying lands, houses, businesses, some items…

You can read it in detail here and in particular for the EVO token here: https://docs.evoverses.com/tokenomics/evo-token

Where can I learn more about the project?

You can check our different links, like these:

Ok, I am in! Which are the socials for the project?

- Discord: https://discord.gg/evoverses
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvoVerses
- Docs: https://docs.evoverses.com/
- Website: https://evoverses.com/
- Telegram Channel: https://t.me/evoversesOfficial
- Telegram Group: https://t.me/evoversesOfficial



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