📚EvoVerses: The breach in the sky — Story #1

3 min readApr 10, 2022

A wild-haired boy gazes intently at the night sky from the balcony of his room. It’s almost midnight, and his pale face is shyly lit by the moonlight, as lonely as him. His deep blue eyes have been bloodshot for two nights from lack of sleep. His bare feet propped up on a small stool, which allows him to rest his head on the railing. He does not appear to be more than ten years old.

His gaze fixed on the stars, his only companions that night, which, at times, appear to stare back at him. Something inside him refuses to believe that there is no life beyond the stars.

A slight breeze caresses the little one, ruffling his hair as dark as a raven’s wing. The scene does not differ too much from any other night; however, something is about to happen that will make this moment forever etched in the child’s mind.

A breach begins appearing in the sky, small enough to go unnoticed by anyone’s eyes except for the boy’s. He doesn’t understand what he has seen, whether it is a product of his imagination or not, though deep inside him, he wishes it isn’t.

Heart pounding, he scrambles off the stool, carrying it in one hand. He returns to the bedroom and closes the sliding window, careful not to make any noise. He crosses the room to the door, turns the knob delicately, and steps out into the hall, trying to be as quiet as possible. The house is as asleep as its inhabitants, except for him.

With his nerves on edge, he walks to the stairs and climbs silently. When he finally reaches the study, he hopes no one has heard him. He would have to give a lot of explanations as to why he is still awake and to what the hell he was doing up there.

The room is entirely dark, but the boy does not dare turn on the light. Instead, he steps forward, trying not to bump into anything. A telescope awaits him on the other side of the window.

Once outside, he places the stool on the ground and stands atop it so he can look through the lense. He had done it before, with the permission of his mother, who taught him how to use it.

The breach in the sky is still there; now, he can better see it. There is no way he could have imagined it.

“Alexander! What are you — ” his mother’s voice sounds behind him, startling him. “Have you seen it too?”

The boy nods, and mother and son stare at each other for a few moments. Then, suddenly, a strange glow starts to enlighten the sky, which until now had been entirely dark. The light is so intense that it seems that the day is dawning, although there are still hours of night remaining.

“You won’t need it anymore,” she says, pointing to the telescope. “Look with your own eyes.”

His mother is right; in just a few seconds, the crack had widened, and an intense light began flowing out.

“Amara?” Alexander’s voice is almost a whisper.

“I don’t think the Gods had a hand in this…” his mother puts her arm around his shoulders while she too looks at the sky in astonishment.

The breach has taken on an oval shape, and creatures of all colors and sizes have begun to come out of it; the human world would identify them in the future as “Evos”.




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