📚EvoVerses: The five masters — Story #2

4 min readJul 24, 2022
In the picture, from left to right, are: Luka, Hikaru, Akane, Selene, Victoria and their Evos (Tytan, Finantis, Kitsul, Onydae and Opal).

The audience screams excitedly from the grandstands, a vibrant tide of color in which there is not a single empty seat. Since Ward Media announced the event, it has been the talk of the town, and the stadium has filled its capacity, breaking attendance and fundraising records.

The lights sweep to the center of the field, where five youngsters are fighting an epic duel that has those present captivated, unable to look away from them or from the giant screens where the images of the battle appear.

The presenter’s voice comes on through the speakers, commenting on the last move.

“Onydae, Selene’s Evo, continues to attack despite being asleep! I wonder what it’s dreaming of… Wait, it just opened its eyes! Is it hypnotizing the rival?”

One of the multiple screens shows a girl with lilac hair. She seems to be giving precise instructions to her Evo, an enormous blue-winged creature. It has a glowing half-moon-shaped element above its eyes, which appears to have briefly lit up before performing its next attack.

In front of her, a boy with white hair and striking clothes flashes a cheeky smile. His Evo has fallen at his feet after yawning outrageously. It sleeps soundly and doesn’t seem to intend to get up. The boy then clicks his tongue and pulls out a disk-shaped device from the right pocket of his pants. The Evo disappears through a miniature portal with a hand gesture, revealing an even larger Evo.

The audience’s roar mixes with the commentator’s voice. “Luka has used his Evocell to retire the Evo from the field, but not everything is lost yet… His star Evo, Tytan, has just made an appearance!”

Luka’s gray and white creature is also winged, although it seems that its body is made of hard material. Its fierce eyes are fixed on the rival Evo while its powerful claws, slightly contracted, are waiting for its trainer’s signal to attack.

“Go ahead, Tytan, execute diamond charge!” The Evo’s body changes, becoming hard as diamond, moments before ramming the lilac-haired trainer’s Evo hard. The girl adjusts her black gloves in a defiant gesture.

Meanwhile, an equally intense battle occurs at the other end of the field. Two dark-haired youngsters, seemingly twins, find themselves fighting shoulder to shoulder. The boy, the taller and more energetic of the two, gives instructions to an Evo with characteristics similar to a mantis. The girl, blowing away a lock of cardinal red hair from her forehead, concentrates all her efforts on an agile-looking Evo, identical to a flaming-tailed fox. They both look at each other for a brief moment before nodding their heads.

“Looks like the Himura twins have a new strategy planned! Will it be good enough to defeat Miss Bancroft? Victoria currently has the highest score, though that may be about to change!”

The public goes crazy when the screens show the image of the trainer that the siblings are facing. The girl, who walks with the grace of a queen, smiles at the audience. Her golden skin shines in the sunlight while her long brunette hair waves like a flag.

Her Evo, a mix between a lizard and a dragon, has a serene look despite its threatening appearance. A fluorescent-colored membrane extends from its head to its tail, ending in three glowing amber spheres.

A few seconds after the presenter’s intervention, the Evos of the twins rush towards the rival Evo, each one making a different movement.

“Kitsul, fire off pyrotechnics!”

“Finantis, it’s time to use double slash!”

The flames surround the little fox, and after a while, they change color and shoot out in the direction of the enemy. At the same time, the brave green Evo prepares to execute a stunning martial-arts-like attack.

“Opal, use spark!”

Victoria’s Evo begins to emit a glowing light that momentarily blinds Finantis, who backs away in confusion. Kitsul’s flames, however, reach it without issue.

It’s a close battle; none of the five masters seems to stand out above the other. But finally, after a few hours and after unforgettable plays, Victoria Bancroft, the young prodigy, wins the tournament.

“And thus ends Syndicate’s exciting first final!” the presenter’s words cause the audience to erupt in applause and cheers that produce a deafening noise.

A man in a suit observes the scene from a private balcony with elegant seats. His eyes are blue and unfathomable like the ocean’s depths; his hair is as dark and lustrous as black ink. He is flanked by two uniformed bodyguards carrying an identification card bearing the Ward Corporation logo. He is the one that has made this possible, the brilliant mind that invented the first Evocell prototype.

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