📚EvoVerses: The lost Evo — Story #3

4 min readAug 21, 2022

A small figure rests at the foot of a majestic oak tree. The sun has begun to hide, dyeing the sky a beautiful orange color. Some call this time of the day the golden hour, but Abigail, the girl sleeping peacefully under the tree, doesn’t seem to notice the phenomenon.

“I can’t believe it, Abby. Have you fallen asleep? Wake up right now!”

A girl with similar features to Abigail has started to shake her mercilessly; It’s her older sister Samantha, who has come running from across the park. Both share the same ash blonde hair color, although Abigail wears it loose and a little more chaotic than Samantha, who wears it in a long ponytail.

“Please let me stay here a little longer, Sam! I was dreaming that I was flying on the back of a Magistral, and you can’t imagine how tiny people looked from up there; they were like ants!” the girl tries to get away from her sister without much success.

“No, Abby, get up; we have to go. It’s getting late, and Mom will blame it on me if we don’t make it to dinner in time.”

“Okay, okay. You’ve already ruined my sleep anyway. I’ll have to draw it, so I don’t forget it; it was amazing.”

“Cool, you can tell me the rest on the way home, but get up! By the way, where is Kitsul?”

“Right here sleeping with me and keeping us warm.”

Abigail looks to her side, where Kitsul’s small form can still be glimpsed in the grass, though there is no sign of the Evo. Then, finally, the girl sits up and spins around, opening her eyes wide.

“Kitsul’s not here!”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious,” Samantha shakes her head as she covers her face with the palm of her hand. “Have you lost your Evo?”

“No, it was here!” she responds tremblingly. “But it’s very curious, and any sound or smell catches its attention…”

Samantha sighs and offers her hand. Her sister’s voice sounds distressed, and it looks like she’s about to break down, so she smiles, trying to reassure her.

“I’m sure it’s around here, come, I’ll help you find it.”

Abigail takes her sister’s hand as her guilt grows.

“How could I not have realized that it wasn’t with me? I’m a mess. Kitsul!” the girl begins to call for the Evo while she looks around, worried. “I hope nothing has happened to it; what if it’s gone too far and doesn’t know how to return…what if we can’t find it?”

“Don’t worry, Abby, you and Kitsul are inseparable. It can’t just walk away from you. Trust me, okay? You may be a mess, but I’m good at this stuff. No matter how far you go, I always find you.”

The sisters search for Kitsul throughout the park, calling its name and asking the Evonatics still wandering around. The place is a favorite of many aspiring Syndicate participants who train their Evos there. However, the minutes go by, and as it gets darker, the place empties of people. The girls are tired and a bit down in the dumps. However, hope is reborn when, in the distance, one of them sees a small flame.

“Abby, you see that too?”

“Yes, I see it!” Abby grins ear to ear. “It has to be Kitsul. Come on!”

The girls run to where the flame shines the brightest. When they’re close enough, they start calling out the Evo, who jumps off the lap of a stranger who was petting it. The Evo greets the sisters with joy, while the figure holding it also approaches them.

“Is this Kitsul yours? I found it sniffing mine while I was out for a walk. It seemed lost, so I was watching over it.”

The girls freeze for a moment. Then, the woman who speaks to them smiles cheerfully. She has short black hair with red streaks. Beside her is another flaming-tailed fox.

“Yes. Thank you,” Samantha responds with a shy and thin voice. “My sister lost sight of it.”

“Don’t thank me, I adore all Kitsuls,” the woman looks tenderly at the Evo. “And I had a hunch that this little guy’s owner would show up soon, so I waited. But if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go now. I have an important meeting with President Bancroft and the rest of the Syndicate team leaders.”

“Sure, bye, nice to meet you! And — ” Abby smiles with sheepishness as she holds Kitsul, who plays with her hair. “Thanks again for taking care of Kitsul.”

The woman waves goodbye to the girls and turns around. She walks towards a boy leaning on the door of a black minivan who’s watching the scene with amusement.

“Abby, are you aware of who we just talked to?” Samantha looks at her sister, who nods just as excited as she is.

“Akane Himura. And that over there must be his brother Hikaru!”

“We have the leaders of Hyperion in front of us!”

“Mom and dad will freak out when we tell them!”

When Abigail mentions her parents, Samantha smacks her forehead, then glances at the watch on her wrist.

“Perhaps if we tell them, they won’t scold us too severely! Come on, Abby, let’s go home!”

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