🚀Getting Ready for the MIGRATION

4 min readApr 29, 2022

Hello Evonatics!!

Tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are located) is the big day: we will start the migration of our farms from the old farm contract to the new one!

✅When will the migration start?

The migration date is set to start this Friday. It will begin at 20:00 GMT+2, check here for that time in your timezone!

✅What do we have to do once the migration starts?

  1. You need to go to our website (https://app.evoverses.com), and in each pool you have invested in, you need to claim your rewards. It is imperative that you do this since once the migration ends, the rewards you have not claimed can not be claimed anymore!!
  2. Once you have claimed your rewards, you have to go to each pool you are invested in and click on the “Withdraw from the old pool” button. This withdrawal will perform the emergency withdrawal, so as you know, 25% of your deposit will be sent to the multi-sig wallet.
  3. You have withdrawn from the old pool and can now deposit in the new farm. Click on the deposit button. Once the migration starts, we will change the deposit button to deposit in the new contract, so you don’t need to do anything weird.
  4. You are done!

✅How can I get the 25% fee from the emergency withdrawal back?

To give everyone enough time for this, you have one week starting from this Friday at 20:00 GMT+2 (check it here for the hour in your timezone) to claim and withdraw your tokens.

That withdrawal sends the 25% fee to the multi-sig wallet, and we are recording every one of those transactions.

In seven days (so next Friday at 20:00 GMT+2, check here for the hour in your timezone), we will finish the migration. That means that we will stop recording the emergency withdrawal transactions.

One hour later (at 21:00 GMT+2, the Friday 6th of May, check here for the hour in your timezone), we will show a button on the website called “Claim your Emergency Fee.”

You will get your 25% fee from the multi-sig wallet by clicking that button.

✅ What if I don’t withdraw before Friday the 6th of May at 21:00 GMT+2?

We will keep a button to withdraw from the old contract, but you won’t be able to recover the 25% fee since we won’t be recording the transactions anymore. So that is why we are giving you one whole week to migrate your deposits to the new contract.

✅ What if I don’t claim my rewards before migrating?

You will lose your unclaimed rewards! That is why we are letting you know everywhere that you need to claim your rewards before migrating. That is also why we have added a confirmation in the withdraw button. So, please, remember to claim your rewards before migrating.

✅ When will you give us the compensation?

It depends on which compensation you mean. For vEVO tokens and a few others, we will in the next two weeks. We will be giving you updates and exact dates during these days because you will need to use the updated website to claim them.

About the tickets for the raffle for the Gen0 Evo Minting, we have noted your wallets, and you will receive the tickets soon, although remember the Gen0 Evo Minting doesn’t start until June!

About the boxes with starting items and all the other items from the compensation package, since it needs the PvP / Story modes launched, your address is saved and you will see them in the “Giveaways” NPC but you won’t be able to claim them until those modes are launched (since you wouldn’t be able to use them!).

✅ What about the new farms?

As we said, you will be able to start staking in them once you migrate tomorrow (Friday) at 20:00 GMT+2.

As we said before, you will be able to start staking at the moment, but to give enough time to everyone to stake; we won’t enable rewards until 12 hours later (well, we are using Harmony blocks, the exact block rewards will start is the 25918276).

Remember to start staking in the new farms because there are some exciting benefits to doing it on the first days:

  1. We will reset the rewards epoch to start again with Epoch 1. That means enormous rewards!!
  2. We are doing secret snapshots of the people who stake early in the new farms. And we will gift tickets for the Gen0 Evo minting raffle to them. The more you stake, the more tickets you will earn! So… this gives you a huge chance to get an Evo, don’t miss it!

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- Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvoVerses
- Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/EvoVerses
- Docs: https://docs.evoverses.com/
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