MIGRATION DATE! 🔥(and announcements)

3 min readApr 26, 2022

Hello Evonatics!!

Following our previous announcements, we have another post with more exciting news today. Are you ready?

✅ When will the migration start?

The migration date is set to start this Friday. The exact hour is not yet confirmed, but we will update this article and make an announcement once it is.

We will also deploy the new farm contracts at the same time. That way, everyone will be able to start migrating their tokens and earning rewards!

An important note is we will pause rewards and deposits in the old farm contract once the migration starts, so to keep earning rewards, be sure to migrate the tokens as soon as the contract is available.

To incentivize migration, we have taken secret snapshots, so the people who were staking in those snapshots will get extra tickets for the raffle we announced for the Gen0 Evo minting!

✅ Weekly AMAs!

We started last week with our weekly AMAs. From now on, every week, on Friday, we will have an AMA where we will talk about the week’s development and news. We will also let people come and ask questions (plus, we will celebrate giveaways with the audience!).

Every week, we will have the AMAs on the same day (Fridays at 21:00GMT+2), but to help people in different timezones, we have some plans:

  • All the AMAs will be recorded.
  • We will have a text summary of each AMA published (you can check last week’s here)
  • We will try to celebrate some extra AMAs in different time zones from time to time!

✅ We have a beta site!

We told you that we want to be more open with the development from the past week. This has become a reality!

This weekend, we will launch the new beta version of the gamified website. It is also in the Mainnet, but the beta site is where we will publish all the changes before being available for everyone (it will be available on its own subdomain).

For example, this weekend, you will be able to test the new UI for the website! With all the changes you asked for plus a few more, a beautiful and clean new interface.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of one of the new screens!

✅ Collaborations and partnerships!

We announced a new partnership with the famous GameFi Crossing. We haven’t revealed too much about it, but we will in the following weeks. We have planned really huge things! Are you ready?


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